The hero’s journey was the single most important journey of my career and my life bringing aspects of my being together and into perspective.

The structure and intensity of the course are immense, I can’t recommend it highly enough for those posts.

The Hero’s Journey had a seismic impact on both my personal and professional life, bringing aspects of my being together in ways that were true, insightful, perplexing and fun. I can’t recommend it highly enough for those following a creative and conscious path to understanding and professional practice. The structure and intensity of the course has immense power and energy to challenge and inform your thinking and development.

More importantly its impact carries through in practical and grounding ways and becomes part of your everyday.

Evelijn’s leadership and skill is extraordinary, exemplary and humbling to carry you through on a most important journey.

Lucy Brennan-Shiel

Artist & Educator



On Paul Rebillot's Hero's Journey   process Stanislav Grof, MD, PhD writes: "Many participants experience the process as healing and transformative; and mental health professionals talked about deep, experiential learning and valuable theoretical insights." 

I found the hero's journey to be a profound experience. I found search and embodying for my demon and hero nature insightful. The opportunity to really play with these opposing aspects within myself and to look at bringing them into relationship helped give me a deeper awareness of my own being. The workshop was deeply creative and very well held and facilitated.

              Dh Viryapuspa 

             Mentor at dignity college,


​​Having explored and ventured on many healing journeys, my experience from the first moment off The Hero’s Journey, was both profound and liberating.

The physical embodiment of the journey throughout the weekend allowed me to integrate what I discovered on my quest. With Evelijn’s astute inspiration and support I was able to create change on a much deeper level in my life, indeed far beyond that dictates of my limited consciousness.

Sue Smith


I took part in Evelijn's workshop at a time that I found myself facing personal challenges, which I felt could be affecting my work as a therapist.

The course gave me the ability to re-integrate plus find the balance to continue with my work.

Evelijn's skillfull facilitation

empowered me in my personal and professional life and I really enjoyed the workshop and the music was beautiful.

S.Freytag MSc,

Certified Transactional Analyst